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How Does the Lowest Intermediate Balance Rule for Tracing Work?

By Jeff Compton and Virginia Christie April 30, 2018 Tracing funds through bank accounts is a complicated exercise, requiring a funds flow assumption. Typically, those commingling their own funds with those not belonging to them are considered to have spent their own funds first, and only then to have begun spending the funds not belonging to […]

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A Better Understanding of Intercompany Accounts

By Jeff Compton April 12, 2018 Do some digging, and you’ll find there isn’t much accounting guidance for the presentation of intercompany accounts. To help remedy this, we performed our own survey of public company reporting. Intercompany transactions between related parties are fairly common in the normal course of business. Examples of these include i) services […]

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Lost Profit Versus Lost Business Value

A business has a value equal to the expected future economic benefits to its owner, discounted to a present value. This concept has broad acceptance and appears in multiple economic, finance and valuation texts.

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