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The Power of Microsoft Access to Handle Large Data Sets in Litigation

By Lorène Becker June 15, 2020 As businesses grow and get more complex, so does the size of their data. Businesses often maintain their data on systems such as SAP, Oracle or their own proprietary software. This data is important in the discovery process but it is becoming more common for parties in litigation to […]

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Fake News, Fake Bank Statements

By Virginia Christie June 4, 2020 Our perceptions of reality have been literally and figuratively altered in the digital age. Increasingly, software becomes available to manipulate images. Now, software exists from multiple vendors to alter bank statements with startling facsimile to the original statements.  This regrettably encourages wrongdoers and frustrates detection of fraudulent transactions. If […]

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Look It Up! Solutions Through Definitions

By Rob Sanders June 3, 2020 We often receive questions about how to categorize a financial item. For example, is that royalty fee to a licensor considered revenue? Is that related obligation of the licensee to pay royalty actually a liability? Using the correct definitions for accounting terms provides the answers. The Financial Accounting Standards […]

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